Hotel renovation, Five signs it’s time to undertake a complete hotel renovation

Five signs it’s time to undertake a complete hotel renovation

How do you know when it’s time to do a complete hotel renovation?

You want your guests feeling comfortable, safe and to have that home away from home feeling. If your hotel isn’t living up to that expectation, it might be time to upgrade its features.

Vertex Project Management is an independent firm of client-side managers. We have extensive skills and knowledge in hotel renovation and refurbishment and a collaborative and personalised approach to ensure the outcome lives up to your vision.  

Here are our five signs you need to do a full hotel renovation.

1. Your furnishings are deteriorating

Your hotel should be a welcoming environment for guests, from the moment they walk in the door to when they leave. Furnishings like the carpet, tiling, and lighting have a major impact on the ambiance of your hotel and need to be maintained and updated regularly. Soft furnishings including carpet, curtains and bedding should be replaced at least every five years. Lighting, cabinetry, and appliances should be upgraded between every 9 to 12 years.

2. There’s mould present in the building

Damp environments like bathrooms and leaks in the walls and ceiling can lead to mould forming. This is something that should not be ignored as mould can cause a variety of health issues, particularly if you are exposed for a prolonged period. A hotel renovation is an effective way to address larger issues that could be creating mould risks, as well as put in place safeguards to ensure it does not develop again.

3. There are cracks in the walls or floors

Ensuring your hotel is a safe space for your guest is a priority. A hotel with cracks and chips in the walls, floors and tiling looks rundown and, if left unchecked, can lead to an unsafe living environment. If cracks and chips are not fixed when they first appear, they will often get worse and can lead to structural issues.

4. You have an outdated HVAC system

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your hotel ensures your rooms are set at a comfortable temperature for your guests. If your hotel’s HVAC system is outdated or broken, investing in a hotel renovation to update this technology will not only ensure the comfort of your guests, but also potentially save you money on utility bills.

5. You are receiving bad reviews

A total hotel renovation should be performed every 15 to 20 years and poor or bad reviews is one of the number one signs that a full renovation is needed. Regularly reviewing and responding to guests’ reviews will give you insight into their experiences and what you can do better or change to encourage them and others to visit your hotel.


Ready to tackle the hotel renovation that you've been putting off for years?

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